Sharks are one of the most feared creatures on the planet, and now you can cuddle with one!

Everyone loves sharks, and now there's a cuddly toy that lets you enjoy these creatures of the deep even when you're not in the water.

These Shark Squishmallows are soft and squishy, so they're perfect for huggers and cuddle-bunnies of all ages.

Who wouldn't want to hug a shark? These toys make great gifts for anyone who loves these amazing animals, from kids to adults.

So grab a Shark Squishmallow today and give the gift of sharks to someone special!

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1. Davie Shark Squishmallow

Introducing Davie, the lovable Shark Plush! Davie is always tinkering with electronics and creating his own inventions. He's the perfect friend for anyone who loves to figure out how things work. Davie is made from super soft materials that are perfect for cuddling. He's sure to become your child's new best friend. Davie is also machine washable, making him easy to care for. Don't miss your chance to adopt Davie the Shark Squishmallow. He's sure to bring hours of fun and laughter to your home.

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2. Rocket Shark Squishmallow

Looking for a cuddly companion that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than the Rocket Shark Squishmallow! This little guy is always on the move and loves nothing more than a good race. He's part of the swim team and is amazing at open swim, but his real passion is the freestyle relay. He takes off like a rocket and always brings home the gold. When he's not in the pool, he loves to explore and discover new things. He's always up for an adventure and will be sure to keep you entertained. So if you're looking for a fun-loving Squishmallow to join you on all your adventures, Rocket is your guy!

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3. Luther Shark Squishmallow

Luther Shark is one cool customer - literally! This sneezy shark plush loves to make a splash, and his six-sneeze attack is sure to get a rise out of anyone nearby. But Luther isn't just all fun and games. He's also a serious scientist, and this year he plans to use the science fair to investigate what makes people sneeze. We're betting he'll have some fascinating findings to share with the world. Do you want to help Luther out with his project? We're sure he would appreciate any input you might have. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this fun-loving squishmallow.

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4. Sachie Shark Squishmallow

If you're looking for a fun-loving, camera-ready friend, look no further than Sachie Shark! This friendly Squishmallow plush is always up for a good time, whether it's taking piano lessons or perfecting his smoked salsa recipe. And he can't wait to document your next adventure together - he's sure to be the life of the party! So add Sachie to your squad and get ready for some serious fun.

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5. Tank Shark Squishmallow

Looking for a mellow Squishmallow to add to your collection? Meet Tank, the hammerhead hippie who just wants to live in harmony. This big guy may look a little intimidating at first, but he's really just a big softie. He loves nothing more than cuddling and spending time with his Squishmallow plush friends. At nearly two feet tall, Tank is one of the biggest Squishmallows around. But don't let his size fool you - he's gentle as can be. His motto is "peace, love, and minding my own business", and that's exactly how he likes to live his life. If you're looking for a laid-back pal to snuggle with, Tank is your guy!

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6. Chandler Shark Squishmallow

Chandler Shark is one of the newest Squishmallows to join the crowd. He's a fun-loving shark plush who loves to nap and snack. His favorite things include show and tell, and he loves to learn more about his friends. Next week is his turn to bring something to show and tell, and he can't decide if he should bring his favorite blanket or his favorite snack. Can you help him choose? Either way, you're sure to fall in love with Chandler Shark. He's soft, cuddly, and oh-so huggable. So dive into the world of Squishmallows and bring home your very own Chandler Shark today!

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7. Rey Shark Squishmallow

Introducing Rey, the shy shark with an eye for fashion and fun! This festive Squishmallow is always snapping pics of his friends to capture the perfect moment. He loves to add funky filters before sending the photos off - one day he'll have a full gallery to explore! Rey makes a great cuddle buddy for movie nights or bedtime stories. His soft, squishy body is perfect for snuggles, and his fun personality will keep you entertained for hours. Don't miss your chance to bring home this one-of-a-kind Squishmallow!

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8. Selene Shark Squishmallow

With her big dreams and even bigger heart, Selene the shark plush is always up for an adventure. This loveable Squishmallow is happiest when she's spending time learning about her home in the ocean and finding new ways to protect it. Whether she's sunbathing on the beach or studying a new language, Selene is always expanding her knowledge and sharing her infectious enthusiasm with everyone she meets.

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9. Sharon Shark Squishmallow

Need a world-class photographer? Meet Sharon Shark! This Squishmallow has been capturing amazing images from all corners of the globe, and her work is simply incredible. From snapshot selfies to jaw-dropping landscapes, Sharon knows how to get the perfect shot every time. And when she's not behind the camera, she loves playing her brand new guitar or spending time with her family. Sharon is one amazing Squishmallow and we know you're going to love her just as much as we do!

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10. Gordon (Closed Smile) Shark Squishmallow

Looking for a friend who is as friendly as can be? Meet Gordon, the Squishmallow who loves helping others and has even said that one day he wants to start his own nonprofit organization! He's always there to lend a helping hand, and he's always up for a good time. Whether you're looking for someone to play with or just need a shoulder to squish, Gordon is your guy!

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11. Gordon (Open Smile) Shark Squishmallow

Looking for a big, friendly face to cuddle up with? Meet Gordon, the Gordon Shark Squishmallow! He's got a big open smile that's sure to put a smile on your face, too. And you don't have to worry about him biting - Gordon is one of the friendliest Squishmallows around. He's soft and squishy, and perfect for hugging, napping, and snuggling. So why not add a little bit of sharky fun to your life with Gordon?

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12. Gordon (With Goggles) Shark Squishmallow

Looking for a fun, unique and lovable addition to your Squishmallow collection? Then meet Gordon with Goggles Shark Squishmallow! Gordon is a super soft and cuddly shark character that is sure to bring a smile to your face. He's also wearing a pair of adorable snorkel goggles that are perfect for swimming and exploring under the sea! This Squishmallow is made from high-quality materials that are both ultra-huggable and machine washable. He's also the perfect size for snuggling, so make sure to add him to your collection today!

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Buyer's Guide

Squishmallows have taken the world by storm, becoming a beloved plush toy for people of all ages.

These adorable, soft, and squishy shark-themed toys are more than just a cuddly companion; they represent a global trend that has resonated with collectors, enthusiasts, and casual fans alike.

The popularity of Squishmallows can be attributed to their unique designs, comforting texture, and the joy they bring to those who own them.

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a treat for oneself, Squishmallows have become a symbol of comfort and creativity in the world of plush toys.

What is a Shark Squishmallow?

Shark plush Squishmallows are a special line of plush toys that fall under the Squishmallows brand. Characterized by their shark-themed designs, these squishy toys come in various shapes, sizes, and characters, each with its unique personality and backstory.

From the playful Gordon the Shark to the rare and exclusive designs, Squishmallows offer a wide range of options for every taste.

The different types of Shark plushes include classic sharks, hammerhead sharks, and even sharks with accessories like goggles. These variations add to the appeal and collectible nature of the toys.

In terms of materials, Squishmallows are made with high-quality, soft plush fabric filled with a special foam that gives them their distinctive squishy feel.

Safety is a priority for the brand, and all Squishmallows adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring that they are suitable for children and adults alike.

The non-toxic materials and careful craftsmanship make them not only fun to play with but also safe and durable.

Whether you're a collector seeking rare editions or someone looking for a comforting companion, Squishmallows offer a delightful experience that transcends age and interests.

Their charm lies in their whimsical designs, tactile pleasure, and the sense of community they foster among fans.

Where to Buy Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are widely available and can be found in various retail stores, both big and small. Many toy stores and department stores stock a selection of these popular plush toys, offering different characters and sizes to choose from.

For those who prefer online shopping, Squishmallows can be found on major platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

These online retailers provide a convenient way to browse and purchase the toys from the comfort of home, often with detailed descriptions and customer reviews to guide the decision-making process.

For collectors wanting to update their collection and enthusiasts seeking special editions and exclusive releases, some Squishmallows are available only through specific retailers or events. These limited availability toys may require a bit more effort to find but are often highly sought after and cherished by fans.

Keeping an eye on official announcements and dedicated Squishmallows communities can help in locating these exclusive treasures.

How to Choose the Right Shark Squishmallow?

Choosing the right Shark Squishmallow can be a delightful experience, as there are many factors to consider.

Size variations range from small keychain-sized plushies to large pillow-like toys, allowing for personal preferences in terms of cuddliness and display.

Color and design preferences play a significant role in the selection process. With a wide array of characters and themes, Squishmallows offer something for everyone, whether it's a playful teal shark with goggles or a majestic hammerhead shark.

For those interested in limited editions and collectibles, researching and understanding the rarity and exclusivity of certain Squishmallows can add an extra layer of excitement to the hunt.

Some editions are released in limited quantities or as part of special collaborations, making them valuable additions to a collection.

Ultimately, choosing the right Squishmallow is a personal journey that reflects individual tastes, interests, and desires.

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a new addition to a growing collection, the joy of finding the perfect Squishmallow is a rewarding experience that connects people with a shared love for these charming and comforting plush toys.

Caring for Your Squishmallows

Squishmallows are designed to be durable and long-lasting, but proper care can ensure they remain soft and vibrant for years to come.

Cleaning and maintenance are simple; most Squishmallows can be gently hand-washed with mild detergent and air-dried to keep them fresh. Always refer to the specific care instructions on the label for the best results.

Storage is another consideration, especially for collectors. Keeping in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight helps preserve their color and texture. Displaying them on shelves or storing them in protective cases can also maintain their appearance.

The Community and Collectors

The world of Squishmallows extends beyond the toys themselves, fostering a vibrant community of collectors and enthusiasts.

Online communities and forums provide a space for fans to share their collections, trade rare items, and connect over their shared passion. Collecting tips and insights are often exchanged, helping newcomers navigate the exciting world of Squishmallows.

Squishmallows in Pop Culture

Squishmallows have made a splash in pop culture, with collaborations and media appearances amplifying their appeal.

From limited-edition releases in partnership with popular brands to features in magazines and social media, Squishmallows have become a cultural phenomenon.

Their influence on toy trends is undeniable, setting a new standard for plush toys with their unique blend of comfort, design, and storytelling.

The success of Squishmallows reflects a broader shift towards toys that offer more than just play value, resonating with consumers on an emotional level.

Whether you're a casual fan or a dedicated collector, Squishmallows offer a rich and rewarding experience that transcends the ordinary.

Their presence in pop culture, coupled with a supportive community, ensures that Squishmallows will continue to make waves in the world of toys and beyond.

Ethical Considerations

When it comes to Squishmallows, ethical considerations extend to manufacturing practices and environmental impact.

The brand is committed to responsible manufacturing, ensuring that the toys are produced in compliance with ethical labor practices. Additionally, the materials used are non-toxic and adhere to safety standards.

Environmental considerations are also part of the equation, with some efforts made to minimize waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

Conscious consumers may seek further information from the manufacturer to understand the full scope of their ethical and environmental commitments.

Squishmallows have captured hearts and imaginations worldwide, offering comfort, joy, a sense of community and great bedtime buddies.

From their whimsical designs to their ethical manufacturing, these plush toys represent more than just a trend; they symbolize a movement towards mindful consumption and connection.

Whether you're a collector, a gift-giver, or someone seeking a cuddly companion, Squishmallows invite you to explore a world filled with creativity and compassion.

Embrace the wave of Squishmallows and join the journey towards responsible buying and endless enjoyment.


What are the rarest Shark plush Squishmallows?

The rarity of Shark Squishmallows can vary based on limited editions, exclusivity, and availability. Collectors often seek out special releases and collaborations.

Where can I find exclusive Squishmallows?

Exclusive Squishmallows may be found at specific retailers, events, or online platforms. Following official announcements and joining collector communities can help locate these treasures.

How do I clean and care for my Squishmallows?

Most Squishmallows can be hand-washed with mild detergent and air-dried. Always refer to the care instructions on the label.

Are there any safety concerns with Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are made with non-toxic materials and adhere to safety standards, making them suitable for all ages. Always purchase from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and quality.

What is the price of Squishmallows?

The price of Squishmallows varies depending on the size and style of the plush toy. Generally, the 8-inch Squishmallows cost around $5.99, while the 16-inch Squishmallows cost around $19.99.

What is the weight of a Squishmallow?

The weight of a Squishmallow varies depending on the size and style of the Squishmallow. Generally, the smaller Squishmallows weigh between 4 and 5 ounces, while the larger Squishmallows weigh between 8 and 10 ounces.

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