Do you know someone who loves bats?

Squishmallows are the perfect gift for any bat lover! These adorable little creatures are soft, squeezable, and fun to squish!

Plus, they make great cuddle companions! You won't find a better gift for any bat lover out there. So what are you waiting for? Get your Bat Squishmallow today before they are all gone!

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1. Emily Bat Squishmallow

Emily Bat is the newest member of the Squishmallow family! This cute little bat is full of personality and eager to make new friends. Just like her older brother Bart, Emily loves space! Her dream is to become an astronomer so she can help name the new planets and stars that are discovered. Emily also enjoys studying astrology. In her free time, she uses her telescope to study star patterns and creates horoscopes for her friends. Emily Bat is made from super soft marshmallow-like material, making her the perfect cuddle buddy. She's sure to bring a smile to your face, no matter what your day has been like. So if you're looking for a new friend who loves adventure and learning about the world, Emily Bat is the Squishmallow for you!

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2. Karlie Bat Squishmallow

Karlie is the perfect friend for anyone who loves spending time on their computer. This techie 'Mallow is always up for a gaming session and can help you fix any computer glitches you may have. Karlie even develops her own games - so you know she's serious about her hobby! If you're looking for a friend who loves spending time indoors and knows all there is to know about computers, Karlie is the Squishmallow for you.

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3. Tangie Bat Squishmallow

Are you looking for a new cuddly companion? Someone who is sure to make you smile? Look no further than the Tangie Bat Squishmallow! This little bat is as cute as can be, and she’s always up for a snuggle. Tangie is learning how to fly, and she can’t wait to soar through the night sky. She hopes to be the fastest bat in her class, and she loves to race. She’s also a great listener, so if you need someone to talk to, she’s your girl. No matter what, Tangie is sure to bring joy into your life. So grab your wings and get ready for takeoff – your new Squishmallow friend is waiting!

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4. Fariq Bat Squishmallow

Looking for a friend to keep you company during those late-night hours? Look no further than the Fariq Bat Squishmallow! This little guy is full of energy and loves to stay up late, just like you. He's also a great listener, so you can tell him all your thoughts and secrets. Plus, he's always up for a bowl of cereal and a good movie. So if you're looking for a fun-loving, late-night buddy, the Fariq Bat Squishmallow is the perfect friend for you!

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5. Betty Bat Squishmallow

Betty Bat may not be the biggest Squishmallow, but she's definitely one of the most daring! This little thrill-seeker loves nothing more than a good adventure, and she's always up for anything – no matter how risky it might be. Whether it's rock climbing or skydiving, Betty is always game to try something new. She loves pushing people out of their comfort zones, but she also respects her friends' decisions to stay safe. No matter what, Betty is always up for a good time – and she's sure to bring a smile to your face, too!

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6. Bart Bat Squishmallow

Bart Bat is an explorer Squishmallow who dreams of becoming an astronaut. At night, Bart uses his wings to fly up into space to discover new stars and planets. He also loves photography and takes a lot of photos while in space, which he shares with his friends and family! Bart is a fun-loving Squishmallow who is always up for adventure. He is sure to bring a smile to your face, no matter what!

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7. Silver Emily Bat Squishmallow

Looking for a Squishmallow that's out of this world? Say hello to Silver Emily Bat! She might be small, but this little bat is full of personality. Her grey parts are replaced with sparkling silver, making her the perfect addition to any space-themed collection. Silver Emily Bat loves to fly around and explore new places. She's also a big fan of playing practical jokes on her friends. But don't worry, she always laughs along with them. If you're looking for a Squishmallow that's sure to bring some fun into your life, look no further than Silver Emily Bat.

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Pick up your very own Bat Squishmallow today before they are all gone! Your loved ones will thank you for their new, cuddly gift that is sure to provide them with hours of squishing fun.

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