Faucet water filters may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're thinking about ways to improve your drinking water, but they should be.

These devices sit directly on top of your existing faucet and filter every glass of water that passes through them, meaning they are an easy way to make sure every glass of H2O you drink is as pure as it can possibly be.

We all know the importance of having a good-quality filter installed on your tap in order to purify the drinking water before it reaches your taps, but there's no need to splash out hundreds of dollars in order to do so.

Faucet water filters are available at a range of different price points and quality levels, meaning there's something for everyone - including those who don't have much spare cash lying around.

In this guide we'll take you through some of the most popular models currently on the market - including our favorite pick. Keep reading for an overview of what features are worth looking out for, and which might work best for you personally.

How We Choose The Best For You

We started by looking at a variety of different factors that can help you decide which faucet water filter is right for you. Things like price, warranty, customer reviews and installation options were all taken into consideration.

We also looked at the type of filters each one uses so you know they'll be effective at removing the contaminants they claim to remove (things like sediment, chlorine, lead and more).

After taking all of this information into account, we ended up with a list of seven great faucet water filters to recommend. These are some of the highest-rated models on Amazon with thousands of positive customer reviews – plus they're easy to install!

Each product below was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. IncredibleRatings is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program that allows us to earn money linking to Amazon.com and associated websites. When you click on or make a purchase through an affiliate link on IncredibleRatings, we might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Best Overall

PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System, Metallic Grey PFM400H

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Why We Chose It

The PUR Faucet Mount Water Filter is a reliable choice for anyone looking to get clean water at home without too much hassle.

It's one of the simplest water filters on our list, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to start filtering their tap water today and doesn't have time or patience for more complicated options.

This filter has some impressive specs that make it great at removing contaminants from your water, including an effective carbon block system that can remove up to 70 different contaminants including lead and pesticides.

The mineral core technology used in this model means you'll get clean, better-tasting water straight out of the tap each time you use it.

The design of this filter is also minimalist and sleek, with a metal body wrapped in plastic so that it fits seamlessly into most homes without drawing too much attention to itself.

It comes with an extra set of replacement filters included in the box as well as everything needed to install the product quickly and easily under your kitchen sink within minutes.

What You Should Know

Using a PUR water filtration system is an easy and cost-effective way of drinking clean water.

Not only does it lower plastic waste compared to using bottled water, but it can also help you save up to $1,000 per year!

Each replacement filter provides 100 gallons of clean water which can last up to 3 months depending on usage.

With a PUR system you can ensure that you are always drinking fresh, filtered water at an affordable price.

Best Runner Up

Brita Tap Water Faucet Filtration System with Filter Change Reminder, Complete Chrome

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Why We Chose It

Another great water filtration system is the Brita Tap Water Filtration System. This is another highly rated model with 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 47,000 customers on Amazon.

The Brita Tap Water Filter System comes with a 1-year warranty and will remove 99% of lead, asbestos and other contaminants that can be found in tap water.

The chrome finish makes this water filter easy to keep clean, while the easy-to-use design means it's simple to install and use. It also ensures you get better tasting water by removing chlorine (taste and odor) and particulates from your tap water - meaning you'll enjoy healthier skin, hair and nails too!

Brita offers replacement filters for the Tap Water Filtration System at 100 gallons or four months worth of filtered drinking water, which can help reduce waste when compared to replacing over 750 plastic bottles each year - all without wasting money on bottled water because it tastes bad or isn't drinkable anymore.

What You Should Know

The Brita Tap Water Filter System is a great investment for those wanting to protect their families with clean and pure drinking water.

The system features a helpful status indicator that lets users know when the filter needs to be replaced - with just a single click of the replacement filter installation button!

The 100-gallon or 4-month replacement interval works well to ensure optimal performance and continues to keep your water tasting great. Installation is easy; simply attach the filter onto most standard faucets - please note it will not fit pull-out or spray style faucets.

With these few steps, you can enjoy clean and delicious tap water every day.

Best Budget

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 NSF Certified 320-Gallon Longer Filter Life Water Faucet Filter, (1 Filter Included)

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Why We Chose It

The Waterdrop WD-FC-01 activated carbon is a form of filtration that doesn't remove bacteria, but it does filter out some chemicals and heavy metals, like chlorine and lead.

You can fill up to four 16.9-ounce bottles with this filter in just 60 seconds thanks to its streamlined design.

It's easy to install on your kitchen sink and comes with an assortment of adapters for use with almost any type of faucet or tap system.

While the price is reasonable considering how long each filter lasts, be aware that you'll have to replace them regularly if you frequently refill your bottles at home and away from a home filtration system like this one.

What You Should Know

The Waterdrop WD-FC-01 is designed to be easy to install, but with one trade-off; it has plastic components that are not as durable as some other faucet systems.

However, this isn't necessarily a deal breaker due to the fact that installation is so much simpler than with competing models.

Additionally, users should be aware that this model does not connect to pull-out or handheld faucets.

When choosing the right model for your needs, it's important to weigh the simplcity of the Waterdrop Fc-01 against its less robust design in order to make an educated decision.

Best Basic Filtration

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Stainless-Steel Reduce Chlorine Fits Standard Faucets

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Why We Chose It

The Engdenton Activated Carbon Water Filter is a top-quality water filter that's easy to install and will provide you with filtered water for up to 320 gallons.

It works by using an advanced carbon fiber filtration system, which removes impurities such as rust and sediment.

The filter also removes harmful pollutants from the water, including lead, mercury, copper and more.

The filters are good for up to six months of use before needing replacement. With this in mind it's worth noting that these replacement filters are not too expensive.

What You Should Know

Customer reports indicate that the Engdenton is still leaking,  despite being stainless steel, with the primary issue occurring between adapter and faucet.

In order to understand how effective this product is at reducing contaminants, we would need a performance data sheet which includes NSF certifications, and there isn't one with the Engdenton water filter.

Best Mid Range

DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter, Chrome

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Why We Chose It

The DuPont Premier Faucet Mount Water Filter is a great mid-range water filter that works well for both home use and hotels too.

It features a 0.5gpm flow rate, which means it can fill up to 100 gallons of water in just one minute.

This is ideal for filling pitchers or glasses without wasting any time, especially if you have guests coming over at the drop of a hat!

You'll be able to enjoy great-tasting filtered water right away with this faucet mount system as it has Microban antimicrobial product protection built-in to the cartridge housing and media for improved filter life and performance.

The high performance filtration also includes sediment reduction, linden (for chlorine reduction), benzene (for lead), asbestos (for cadmium), mercury (for aluminum), cysts/parasites (for copper) and more!

What You Should Know

The Premier Vertical Faucet Mount System does come with one model number listed on Amazon - the WFFM100XCH - but we were unable to find an actual product description nor any information about how long each replacement filter should last from DuPont's website or other customer reviews online.

Best For Removing Chlorine

Waterdrop WD-FC-06 Stainless-Steel Faucet Water Filter

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Why We Chose It

The Waterdrop FC-06 is a great choice for people who want to remove chlorine from their tap water for health reasons, as it does this very effectively. It has an on-board filtration system that reduces chlorine by 98% and sediment and rust particles by up to 99%.

It can hold up to 320 gallons of water so you'll be able to use it for around three months before needing a replacement filter.

That's not the longest lifespan available but it's still good enough if you're looking for a way to purify your tap water fast.

The main downside is that even though the cordless design makes this easy to use, it isn't powerful enough for hard water regions or when using ice cubes in your glass - all of which will lower the TDS value of your filtered water.

Despite these caveats, our research shows that this works well at removing chlorine – making it ideal if you need pure water quickly.

What You Should Know

The Waterdrop WD-FC-06 Stainless-Steel Faucet Water Filter is designed for convenience and quality, with a food grade 304 stainless steel construction and 360° rotating switch.

This allows you to go between filtered and unfiltered water in just a second, ensuring that you get the perfect mix for whatever you're using it for.

Whether it's washing vegetables, drinking pure water directly from the sink, watering flowers or just washing your hands, this filter has you covered.

Not to mention its fast flow rate of up to 0.5 gpm means your cup can be filled up in as little as 6 seconds. Enjoy pure water at the golden standard of convenience with Waterdrop's Stainless-Steel Faucet Water Filter.

Best Compact

Culligan FM-25 Faucet-Mount Advanced Water Filtration System, Chrome

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Why We Chose It

The Culligan FM-25 Advanced Water Filtration System is a great choice for those who want to get the most out of their  filter.

It's capable of filtering out bad tastes and odors, sediment, lead, giardia cysts and turbidity.

The carbon block filtration method means that this water purifier is able to reduce chlorine taste and odor as well as particulate class I particles.

You can use this faucet mount water filter at home or in your shop to get rid of those pesky contaminants that could be affecting the quality of your tap water.

What You Should Know

This model has a flow rate between 0.5 gallons per minute and 100 psi which works at 60 rpms so you won't need much pressure from your tap to make this work properly.

The Culligan FM-25 Advanced Water Filtration System comes with an install guide which will walk you through the process of replacing filters so it's super easy to maintain - just remember not to alter the settings on your faucet when doing so!

Buying Guide for The Best Faucet Water Filter

Are you looking for clear and safe drinking water straight from your faucet? When looking to select a faucet water filter for your home, there are several important factors to consider in order to ensure you make the best decision. These include type of filter, material, flow rate and installation requirements. By being aware of these features you can make an informed decision on the ideal filter for your needs.

Get ready to breathe easier knowing that you're making an informed decision about providing clean, pure drinking water for yourself and your family!

Protecting Your Drinking Water: Filter Types & NSF Certifications

The first step in finding the right water filter faucet for your home is to understand the quality of your water. You can do this by accessing your city's free annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) or by testing a direct sample of the water in your home if it comes from a well.

Testing is especially important if there is any chance contaminants may be added to the supply between the treatment facility and the tap.

With accurate knowledge about what you need to filter out, you can find a water filter faucet that meets all of your needs and provides clean, fresh-tasting water every time.

Types of Filters

To ensure you select the best water filter for your home, consider looking into all available types on the market.

Reverse osmosis filters are highly effective in removing up to 99% of contaminants and can be connected directly to your incoming water source.

Carbon filters offer a good alternative solution, trapping chlorine, pesticides and solvents within its carbon content, but are not effective at eliminating nitrates and sodium.

Ultraviolet filters also provide an additional level of protection against bacteria, parasites, and viruses; however, it is best paired with a reverse osmosis system due to its inability to remove mineral contaminants.

Filter Cartridge

When your water filter starts to lose its effectiveness, it's not necessary to replace the entire faucet-mounted system. All you need to do is switch out the filter cartridge for a replacement available from the manufacturer.

These cartridges can last for 100 up to 1,000 gallons of water, depending on the product.

And if that isn't convenient enough, some filters feature cartridge replacement recommendations ranging from 1 month to 3 months that let you easily stay on top of routine maintenance.

Ensuring a Secure Fit: Faucet Compatibility

The compatibility of a water filter faucet is just as crucial as its ability to remove contaminants. Faucet mount filter systems are usually not compatible with pull out/down, handheld, sprayer-type, sensor and other unconventional faucets.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that the type of faucet you have in your kitchen or bathroom is able to work with a water filter before making a purchase.

Most regular tap types should be fine, and companies generally offer adapters to accommodate different designs.


Installing a faucet filter is an easy task that typically takes only two minutes. To ensure you get the most out of your filter, take another 5 minutes to prime the filter media before use.

Additionally, it's recommended to use Teflon tape for extra protection and a better seal. Be sure not to overtighten the threads so as not to damage either the water filter and or your faucet. By taking these simple steps, you can enjoy safe and clean water in no time!

Ensuring a Long-Lasting Design: Durable Materials & Components

Filter faucets made from plastic are the most common, but there is a risk of developing hairline cracks that could cause water leakage.

To ensure durability and reliable performance over time, stainless steel filter faucets may be worth the investment. Stainless steel is more expensive than plastic, but we have reviewed a few models to help you meet your needs.

Flow Rate

A water filter faucet typically has a flow rate of

0.5 gallons per minute, providing an ample supply of clean water even for family use.

For higher demand situations, pitchers or carafes may be necessary as back-up. If the faucet water filter offers more extensive filtration methods, flow rate may be reduced to .3 gallons per minute.

This slows down the processing time but ensures that contaminants are removed efficiently and effectively. The slower flow rate can actually be beneficial in this regard.

Additional Features

When selecting faucet water filters, there are several things to consider beyond just the filter type, material, and flow rate.

The size of the filter is important for those with smaller sinks, as larger faucet mount filters may not fit properly. Additionally, some faucet mount filters come with a filter change sensor that alerts you when it's time to change the cartridge—it usually flashes a small light when it needs an immediate replacement or a few weeks ahead of its expiration.

Lastly, different manufacturers may offer differently priced replacement cartridges of various types. Be sure to double check both the product information and manufacturer website to find out what type is best for your needs.

Revamping Your Aesthetic: Style and Finish

When choosing a faucet mounted filter, it's important to consider the aesthetics of the product. Not only will you be seeing this filter on your faucet often, but others will too if you have guests.

Make sure to select a faucet water filter that matches your decor and personal style. This way, not only can you enjoy clean water, but also maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment at home.

Maintenance Costs

When you are shopping for a faucet filter, it's important to understand that the maximum filtration capacity is only theoretical and may last less than expected depending on your water conditions.

While it sounds great to have a 2,000 gallon filter, these models may not be as effective at removing contaminants in comparison to other faucet water filters with lower capacity. Ultimately, we advise choosing a water purifier with reliable filtration capacity and high efficiency.


While mineralization may be an appealing feature in a faucet filter, it is important to note that this isn't necessarily the most important factor.

Most faucet filters are designed to remove contaminants and impurities, not minerals. Therefore, it may not be worth the extra cost or effort to prioritize mineralizing your water before you drink it.

Customer Service and Warranty

Before investing in a filter for your faucet, it is important to look for a money-back guarantee from the seller and a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 1 to 2 years.

This way, you will have peace of mind that if the product doesn't meet your expectations or fails prematurely, you can get your money back. In addition, having a longer warranty period gives you added assurance that the product is high quality and trustworthy.

Best Faucet Water Filters FAQs

You want to drink healthy and delicious water, but you don't know where to start.

It seems like there are a million different filters for your faucet on the market, each claiming that they're the best choice for your needs.

There's no need to worry! We've done the heavy lifting and found the best options available so that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about faucet water filters as well as our top answers. With this information, you'll be able to confidently make a selection for your home or office!

What are the best faucet water filters?

The best water filter for you faucet is one that meets your unique needs. Consider factors such as whether you have hard water, if you're looking to reduce sediment or other contaminants, and what type of installation is best for you.

How do I choose the right faucet filter?

Choosing the right filter depends on your needs and budget. Research the different types of filtration systems available that meet your requirements and review customer reviews before making a purchase.

Do I need to change my faucet filter often?

Depending on the type of filter you choose, it may need to be replaced every 3-6 months or up to 1-2 years for certain types. Check with the manufacturer for specific details about your chosen model’s maintenance schedule.

What are the benefits of using a water filter in my home?

Installing a water filter can provide numerous health benefits, such as reducing bacteria and chemical pollutants in your drinking water, improving its taste and smell, and removing unpleasant odors from your water supply.

Can a faucet filter remove arsenic from my drinking water?

Yes, some advanced types of filters can help reduce levels of arsenic present in drinking water but it's best to contact an expert or local authority if this contaminant is present in your area since specialized treatment may be required to remove it fully from your tap supply.

What type of contaminants does a faucet filter remove from drinking water?

A quality filter for your faucet can help reduce harmful particles like chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pharmaceutical drugs and cysts from entering into drinking supplies when installed properly according to instructions provided by the manufacturer or installer.

How much will it cost to install a new filter for my faucet in my home ?

The cost of installation varies depending on several factors like type of product chosen , complexity of system , labor costs associated with installation etc..

Generally speaking , installing a basic system should run somewhere between $100 - $200 while more complex systems may cost anywhere up to & including various hundreds per installation - again this depends heavily upon various factors so it's best to reach out & consult local experts regarding pricing specifics applicable for customers specific situations.

Does installing a new faucet waterfilter require any special tools ?

Not necessarily , most systems don't necessitate any special tools ( though these project can require drilling/ cutting through existing piping / tubing ) however due to safety considerations & potentiality for malfunctions - professional contractors are typically recommended by experts when undertaking such projects .

Are there different types / sizes available ?

Yes ! Much like with standard filters , there are various varieties available depending upon customer needs - including both under-counter & countertop models which differ significantly in terms of size & effectiveness (both cost wise & performance wise ).

Can I install these filters myself ?

It's strongly recommended that customers seek out experienced professionals when attempting at installing any filtering equipment within their home due to both safety considerations as well as potential misuse resulting in damage / lack thereof working correctly etc .

However with this being said self-installation is possible if done properly with research being conducted prior largely determining success rate heretofore .

How long does it take for replacement filters last ?

This ultimately depends on usage frequency & environment specifics however generally speaking many models last anywhere between six months up until one year — again please refer back towards specific manufacturer instructions regarding operational timelines applicable before now .

Is there anything I should be aware prior purchasing such equipment ?

Yes ! Customers should always double-check compatibility between hardware specs within their home versus what they plan on purchasing - additionally warranty information should also be noted within purchasing decision making process primarily driven by manufacturers response time/level theretofore regarding service matters & customer support related events thereafter as well.

What is the Best Faucet Water Filter For You?

The best faucet water filter is a great choice for anyone looking to improve the quality of their drinking water. They are easy to install and provide reliable, continuous filtration that removes impurities such as chlorine, lead, copper and other contaminants from tap water.

Some models even have battery-powered or electric pumps for consistent pressure so you don't have to worry about fluctuations in flow when pouring drinks.

Additionally, many come with different cartridge options so you can customize your filter based on your needs (i.e. if you have sensitive skin or need extra purification).

All in all, a faucet mount filter is an excellent way to add protection against harmful chemicals while still being able to enjoy crisp, refreshing water straight from the tap!

And don’t forget – you can always click the buttons above to check prices. Thanks for reading!

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